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Sheece Khan - Eyesight vs Vision - Manto

Sheece Khan - Eyesight vs Vision

"There will always be many things you are rejected of, and nothing will change as long as you don’t shift your focus on the things you’ve been blessed with!

Since I was 7 months old, I have been battling with congenital glaucoma which ultimately led to complete loss of eyesight in my one eye!

I may have lost my eyesight, but I never lost my vision to create.. Despite the difficulties, I continued to draw art which was inspired by the people around me & the pop culture. My pencil helped me depict social issues in our society through my drawings.

I am now studying Graphic designing & illustration from Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture; and recently my work has started being displayed at art exhibitions!

Yes, following the passion is hard; but it is harder to give up on your passion!"

- Sheece Khan 

This was the story of Sheece Khan - Our featured Person of The Month :)

Partially Blind Artist
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