What is it?

Peshawar Series

Peshawari Kurta's Are Inspired By The Rural & Raw Tradition of Peshawar With Victorian Shirt Collars integrated in Eastern Wear. Predominantly it was only used for Men's attire; but now Women are Rocking It Even More! 

This Collection is Available for Both; Men & Women

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What is it?

Lucknow Series

Lucknowi Kurta's Are Collarless and Are Inspired By The Legendary Writer of South-East Asia; 'Saadat Hasan Manto'. 

The reason many artisans prefer to carry on with this style is due to the charm of its simplicity and the comfort it provides to think out of the box.

This Collection is Available for Both; Men & Women

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What is it?

Pyjama Pants

Our Design Team Has Carefully Integrated The Button, A Hook & Pant Zip as Per The Italian Fashion Standards While Maintaining The Shape & The Look of An Eastern Pyjama.

This Blend Ensures A Super Easy Method of Putting These Pants On As Compared To The Otherwise Used Method of 'Azaarband' - A Desi Drawstring To Hold The Pyjamas In Position.


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