Bookmarks: An Ode To All The Creators 💌

Look at the world around you, it's made of different elements. It adds up to different expressions that fill our lives with glimmers of hope, romance, and magic that makes life a better place to breathe in. 

We’re all artists, designers, dreamers, poets, readers, and writers in our universe where we aspire to create things that can connect with different hearts. 

We are hopeless romantics that want to share the love this world deserves, while looking for peace in things that keep our purpose alive. We write stories with our journeys that are inspired by the voices and the conversations that help us evolve into different versions of ourselves. 

Our designed bookmarks named Azaad, Aghaaz, Funkar, & Junoon, are an ode to all the creators out there who aim to shoot for the stars. While they hold a sentimental purpose, the bookmarks were also our way of repurposing our packaging to inform you about how to take care of your Manto products to keep them alive for a longer span of time, or bringing you back to the favorite page of your book! 

P.S: If you come across it when your next delivery comes through, share it with us, and the way you used our bookmarks ❤️

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