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Meet Faiza Saleem: The Improv Queen 🎤

Meet Faiza Saleem: The Improv Queen 🎤

“It’s not easy… making everyone laugh and making sure no one is hurt or offended in the process. 
In that way, I am quite sensitive. I want to make sure everyone is happy and has a good time. That’s always been the goal.”

Faiza Saleem is one of Pakistan’s first female comedians, who left her stable job in law for the fairly uncertain world of comedy.

A storyteller, truth-seeker, and a champion of authenticity, Faiza reminds us all that we shouldn't shy away from who we are. And that's why she created The Khawatoons seven years ago - An all female comedy group that does improv performances. In a field that is often very harsh on women, it's a daring task to do what they dare to do. But, honestly, it's also very heartwarming to see how they support each other and create a community where they can express who they are. 

Truth is that while chasing our dreams we get stuck at “Log Kiya Kahein ge”, but Faiza’s journey is a reminder that log toh kahein ge hi, is liye, sirf apne dil ki sunno. 

Because, this process is meant to be uncertain and dark, but, it’s you who can take those risks, dare to dream, and bring the change YOU want to see.

Faiza Saleem is wearing Husn Saree.

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