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Meet Ayesha M. Ali: Tech Fusion Artist Featured in Forbes 30 under 30

Meet Ayesha M. Ali: Tech Fusion Artist Featured in Forbes 30 under 30

Life can be so tough, with so many expectations weighing you down. But here’s the thing, it’s okay not to meet every expectation, to embrace your imperfections, and to be your authentic self. 

Amidst the chaos of life, chase your dreams, no matter how big or small they might be, for there’s nothing stopping you. 

And that's Ayesha’s philosophy too. 

Meet Ayesha (, featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, she is the first Pakistani artist to work with NASA scientists on various projects, as her art makes it to SpaceX. 

Through technology and science, Ayesha’s work re-imagines how the world could be without light pollution– a sky so clear where you can actually witness the galaxy; its colors and magic. 

Ayesha’s work questions our perceptions and identity. 

How much of who you are is known by the world? How much of what you see is the truth? 

And her projects reflect this idea. In ‘Shared Space- Cosmic Collisions’, a project started in the pandemic, Ayesha created face masks using  3D renders of discarded kitchen utensils. A symbol of not only the underlying environmental issues, but also of how unrealistic societal standards for women have led to us forgetting our true identities. 

Beyond the canvas and the clutter, for Ayesha art has always been a call for change.

“My hope is that my art connects not only with artists and audiences but also with environmentalists and engineers.” And today, she is one step closer to uniting us under the cosmos.

So here’s to creating a world where tradition, culture, and technology can come together to honor the stories that paint the skies.

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