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Ambassador Saima Syed, wearing the Junoon Stole

Ambassador Saima Sayed - A Shooting Star Aimed For Greater Heights!

Meet ambassador Saima Sayed - A Shooting Star Aimed for Greater Heights!

There are quite a few people around us, some we may see and encounter, versus some we may see and never get to know about until coincidence brings us together. Similarly, Ms Saima Sayed was one of them, it is highly unlikely you know who she is. She is from the Foreign Office of Pakistan, a diplomat representing Pakistan on a national and international fora, as well as working in the field of foreign policy.

While speaking to her, Ms. Saima sees her life as an open journey full of limitless possibilities and adventures. She excelled academically and was also highly involved in extracurricular activities such as drama, debate, art, and culture, making her a well-rounded individual. And when she finally had to choose a definite interest they were in different spectrums such as becoming a painter or going into medicine, but life had other plans.

Even if you don’t believe it, life runs its own course, and that too for the best. Despite all the challenges, Ms. Saima found her forte in Public Administration. She sat for her Central Superior Service (CSS) exam, successfully cleared it, and became a Foreign Service Officer. This for her was a rewarding experience, something that could never be traded for anything else in the world.

Upon asking her about the one moment she recalls that shaped her into the wonderful woman she is today, she responded, “It has been a long journey now that I look back at it. It was a journey that included goals, ambitions, setbacks, change of ambitions, and the will to keep striving, knowing that if one thing didn’t work out for me, there will be another which will. With my parent’s constant support, and trust in Allah, I knew this journey would be prospering” As soon as she ventured out into the world of foreign services, she had the opportunity to travel, find her confidence, and nurture into becoming independent.

From being present at the United Nations headquarters, in the city of skyscrapers in New York, First Secretary at the High Commission of Pakistan in New Delhi, Director of General Strategic Communications in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OR as the Ambassador of Pakistan in Senegal - and here’s to many more! 

Speaking to her was a spark of encouragement, how the art of succeeding is to channel a positive mindset to all aspects of life, and every time you look back there will always be something to celebrate and motivate you to push yourself to do better!

Ambassador Saima Sayed in Senegal

Ms Saimas' Wearing the Junoon Stole in Emerald Green 

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