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Farah Yasmeen: Sharing Stories on the Beat of the Taal

Farah Yasmeen: Sharing Stories on the Beat of the Taal

You know what connects us all? It's our emotions; the pain, the joy, the anger, and the happiness that we all experience at different moments of our lives. 

And all of us have these stories that we want to share, but the way we express them is different. Some of us journal, where each written word begins to convey our emotions. Some paint expresses the ongoing chaos in their minds. And some of us dance, with each beat releasing the tensions of the day. 

Meet Farah Yasmeen, an instructor who uses Kathak as a medium of storytelling through her dance.  Her mission - is to share stories and take us on this emotional and spiritual journey, connecting us not only with our culture but also with the characters that she portrays. 

“When I am on stage, I have to be very present to listen and connect to the musicians and their taals (beats). But at some point, I have to let go. How I look doesn't matter. What matters is how I feel. 

And that’s when the process triggers something deeply emotional and I take on the persona of the characters I play. I feel their pain, their joy, and their anger.”

To be authentic and unafraid. That's the goal. 

And Kathak is how I've managed to share these stories, authentically and proudly.”

And through your art and your ways of storytelling, you too can begin to share your emotions and feel joy and liberated by the process.

Farah Yasmeen is wearing Fitrat Anarkali paired with Fitrat Dupatta

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