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And Today We're Bidding Qanita Shams Goodbye!

And Today We're Bidding Qanita Shams Goodbye!

Series: The Faces Behind Manto
Qanita is the heart and jaan of Manto HQ. From giving us all headaches to also keeping us afloat, if there is anyone who could make a tiring day at work a lot more alive and fun, it's Qanita for sure.
She's loud, she's creative, she's funny!
But, our Bollywood Queen is also one of the most hardworking people we know of. And as you see from her picture above, she is super committed to Manto - 
wearing Husn Saree in the mountains!
Qanita was the third employee to join Manto and has been a huge part ever since. Over these years, we’ve seen her grow. From being a communication champion to now leading all the international stores, she has come a long way.
(We’re pretty sure some of our Manto Family members must have received a voice note from Qanita at one point or another.)
And if you’ve ever had the chance to meet her in person, you would have noticed how she radiates an energy - filled with positivity and confidence. And it’s that very energy that has captured all our hearts
It's clear that we aren't the only ones who feel this way. You all have shown Qanita so much love over the years through encouraging emails and voice notes filled with feedback.
So thank you for all the duas, it honestly fills our hearts with pride to see her grow.
And while we’re happy, we’re also a little saddened to say that Qanita is moving onto a new chapter in her life. And we are super proud of her. We can’t wait to see her explore and do more great things in the future!
So with our eyes filled with tears, today we’re bidding Qanita goodbye.
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