Talaash Sweatshirt - Raven Black

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In every heart lies a Talaash, a yearning to discover, to achieve, to become. Every soul has a quest that defines your journey. There are times when the road becomes challenging when you stumble under the weight of doubts and uncertainties. It's in those trying moments that the Talaash Sweatshirt whispers words of comfort, from the timeless verses of Nida Fazli.
When the nights are cold and the path ahead is unclear, take a look at your sleeve, for Talaash Sweatshirt as a reminder for you that you can achieve it all. This Sweatshirt is here to comfort you through every twist and turn of your quest.

A Soft Hug You Didn’t Know You Wanted! 

Material: Triple Layered Premium Fleece (64.97% Cotton + 35.03% Polyester) 

About the Fit:

  • Triple Layered Premium Fleece
  • Soft To Skin
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Ribs On The Sleeves and Bottom Hem
  • Poetry On the Left Sleeve and the Back
  • The Material is Brushed on the Inside With a Luxuriously Soft, Fuzzy, Plush Hand Feel.
  • Available in 6 Colours

An Ode To Nida Fazli

نزدیکیوں میں دور کا منظر تلاش کر
Amidst the closeness, seek a view afar,

جو ہاتھ میں نہیں ہے وہ پتھر تلاش کر
If no hand to hold, find a stone or star,

سورج کے ارد گرد بھٹکنے سے فائدہ
Wandering around the sun, there's gain and more,

دریا ہوا ہے گم تو سمندر تلاش کر
Lost in the river, seek the sea's shore.

تاریخ میں محل بھی ہے حاکم بھی تخت بھی
History holds palaces, rulers, and thrones,

گمنام جو ہوئے ہیں وہ لشکر تلاش کر
Yet armies vanished, lost in the unknown zones,

کوشش بھی کر امید بھی رکھ راستہ بھی چن
Keep hope and effort, select a righteous way,

پھر اس کے بعد تھوڑا مقدر تلاش کر
And destiny shall unveil, just not today. 

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