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Safar Scarf - Green & Black

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There will never be enough time for you to do everything you want to do. You’ll always be swamped with work and responsibilities. And even though you want to get caught up, it’s almost impossible for you to do so. Or is it? The truth is, you can only get control of your time and your life, by changing the way you think, work, and do things that make a difference. 

In this journey, all that you can do is your best. I know it seems like the world is going much faster, but where you are is okay.


The Safar Scarf illustrates the story of the hare and the tortoise, reminding you that this is your journey. And at the end of the day, how you pace it, will determine how your life’s story will unfold. 

Material: Crinkle Silk (100% Polyester) 

Dimensions: Length: 68-70 Inches | Width: 26 Inches

Ps. Please note that the actual product color may vary from the pictures due to lighting differences. While we aim for accuracy, variations may occur.

An Ode To M.Ismail Merathi

یوں زبانی جواب تو کیا دوں 
شرط بد کر چلو تو دکھلا دوں
ہے مناسب کہ امتحاں ہو جائے 
تاکہ عیب و ہنر عیاں ہو جائے 

In such a manner, how shall I reply?
Break the condition, I'll reveal the why.
Let there be a test to unveil,
So flaws and talents don't avail.

الغرض اک مقام ٹھہرا کر 
ہوئے دونوں حریف گرم سفر
ایک دو کھیت چوکڑی بھر کے 
اپنی چستی پہ آفریں کر کے 

The aim is to halt at a destination,
Both rivals passionate in their narration.
A field, a square of land to sow,
With zest, our endeavors we bestow.

کسی گوشہ میں سو گیا جا کر 
فکر ''کیا ہے چلیں گے سستا کر''
صبر و محبت میں ہے سرافرازی 
سست کچھوے نے جیت لی بازی

Retreat to a corner, ponder deep,
Thoughts of 'shall we or shall we not' keep.
In patience and love, lies victory,
The lazy tortoise won the race, that’s the story.

نہیں قصہ یہ دل لگی کے لیے 
بلکہ عبرت ہے آدمی کے لیے 
ہے سخن اس حجاب میں روپوش 
ورنہ کچھوا کہاں کہاں خرگوش

This tale isn't just for the heart's delight,
But a lesson, a guide in life's light.
Words concealed behind a veil,
Elsewhere, where the tortoise told its tale.

محمد اسمٰعیل میرٹھی


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