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Maham Tai - Martial Artist

Maham Tai - Martial Artist

"When I began my journey as a Martial Artist, It gave me an opportunity to show what I truly am, my dreams, my achievements, my abilities which were buried under the veil of enchanted history.

I wanted to be a part of the legacy while still telling my own story.

My name is Maham Ashraf Tai, a name that holds the legacy within. Life gave me an opportunity to become the best among the lot, but as simple as it may seem, no one ever tells you how much of life takes practice.

Martial Arts gave me discipline, determination & uniqueness, a very recipe that makes me who I am.

As a woman, as a daughter, or as someone of my own, there were many obstacles pushing me down, I pondered what would have happened if I had listened to those voices.

Voices that described me as frail, as if I were a feather, but little did they know, I collected all the feathers and made wings of my own & learned to fly!"

Comfort Revolution Featuring @maham_zaidii and her inspirational journey as a Martial Artist and the challenges along the way!

Shot & Edited By: @teefaheem
Voiceover Recorded & Edited By: @waqasazeemofficial

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