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Qaswa Mubarak - A Pilot Of Her Own Future

Qaswa Mubarak - A Pilot Of Her Own Future

"I remember as a kid, dreaming to be a pilot never seemed unachievable to me, while everyone supported my dream. But growing up I felt like I was the only one left still believing in that dream. While people advised me to be “practical and realistic” with my career choices, I failed to see how flying a plane wasn’t the right choice.

My journey is a series of me believing my instincts, believing myself and my childhood dream. And convincing everyone otherwise.

As it turns out, Flying a plane by myself isn’t about just becoming a pilot, it’s about finding myself, fixing myself, being a better version of my own self and getting out of that comfort zone of ‘practical and realistic’. We make our own reality, being in air is mine!"

Qaswa Mubarak didn't just achieve her dreams - she also became the youngest female certified commercial pilot in Pakistan. She stayed true to her dreams & instead of just aiming for the sky, she flies there! 

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