Parvaaz Stole

Rs.1,750.00 PKR

Each of us is on a never-ending quest. Some of us wake up every morning, looking forward and hoping to achieve more than we could yesterday. Some of us look back, hoping to rectify the mistakes of our past.

While others stare up at the skies, aware of each bird as they effortlessly drift through & wonder what may lie beyond how far our eyes can see. 

Parvaaz is an ode to Allama Iqbal & his classic poetry about all this universe has to offer and beyond.

An Ode To Allama Iqbal

Material: Double-Sided Crinkle Silk  (100% Polyester)
Length: 68-70 inches
Width: 13-14 inches
نہیں تیرا نشیمن قصر سلطانی کے گنبد پر
تو شاہیں ہے بسیرا کر پہاڑوں کی چٹانوں میں

علامہ اقبال

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