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Gumaan Odhni - Shaded Olive Green

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Each of us has grown up with our minds filled with fantasies, ambitions, and limitless possibilities brimming with anticipation. 
But as you age, you can feel time starting to slip. The sensation of your future rushing towards you as you think forward to everything you still haven’t done. And now as we live our daily lives, we find our minds wandering to daydreams of the possibilities that could never become.

Gumaan is an ode to Khuwaja Mir Dard and his discussion of the bittersweet reality we all experience. Each of us is surrounded by the endless beauty in this world as depicted in the design - but know there won’t be enough time to encounter it all. 

Illustration Color: Walnut Brown with Red Borders

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 An Ode To Khuwaja Mir Dard
ہے غلط گر گُمان میں کچھ ہے
تجھ سوا بھی جہان میں کچھ ہے؟
Is it amiss to harbor doubt,
Is there more than you in this world?

دل بھی تیرے ہی ڈھنگ سیکھا ہے
آن میں کچھ ہے، آن میں کچھ ہے
My heart, by your teachings, has discerned,
There is a serenity to be learned, and there is peace to be earned.

لے خبر" تیغِ یار کہتی ہے
باقی اس نیم جان میں کچھ ہے
"Take heed," says the sword of my dear friend.
"There is more to gain in this life's end."

ان دنوں کچھ عجب ہے میرا حال
دیکھتا کچھ ہوں، دھیان میں کچھ ہے
My state is strange in these times of mine,
Something lingers, in the recesses of my mind.

اور بھی چاہیے سو کہیے اگر
دلِ نا مہربان میں کچھ ہے
If there is anything left that you desire,
Speak now, if malice fuels your fire.

درد تو جو کرے ہے جی کا زیاں
فائدہ اس زیان میں کچھ ہے؟
The pain that gnaws at my heart, alas,
Is it too great a cost for wisdom to amass? 


Material: Polyester Herringbone
Dimensions: 108 Inches x 40 Inches

  • Dry Clean Only 
  • Hand Wash Cold
  • Line Dry in Shade
  • Do Not Wring Dry
  • Iron on Medium Heat
  • Wash/Dry Light & Dark Colors Separately 


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