Gumaan - Shaded Olive Green


Each of us has grown up with our minds filled with fantasies, ambitions, and limitless possibilities brimming with anticipation. 

But as you age, you can feel time starting to slip. The sensation of your future rushing towards you as you think forward to everything you still haven’t done. And now as we live our daily lives, we find our minds wandering to daydreams of the possibilities that could never become.

Gumaan is an ode to Khuwaja Mir Dard and his discussion of the bittersweet reality we all experience. Each of us is surrounded by the endless beauty in this world as depicted in the design - but know there won’t be enough time to encounter it all.

An Ode To Khuwaja Mir Dard

ہے غلط گر گُمان میں کچھ ہے
تجھ سوا بھی جہان میں کچھ ہے؟
دل بھی تیرے ہی ڈھنگ سیکھا ہے
آن میں کچھ ہے، آن میں کچھ ہے
"لے خبر" تیغِ یار کہتی ہے
"باقی اس نیم جان میں کچھ ہے"
ان دنوں کچھ عجب ہے میرا حال
دیکھتا کچھ ہوں، دھیان میں کچھ ہے
اور بھی چاہیے سو کہیے اگر
دلِ نا مہربان میں کچھ ہے
درد تو جو کرے ہے جی کا زیاں
فائدہ اس زیان میں کچھ ہے؟

خواجہ میر درد


Illustration Color: Walnut Brown with Red Borders
Material: Polyester Herringbone

Dimensions: 108 Inches x 40 Inches
Accessories: Haniya Accessories
Care Instructions: 

  • Dry Clean Only 
  • Hand Wash Cold
  • Line Dry in Shade
  • Do Not Wring Dry
  • Iron on Medium Heat
  • Wash/Dry Light & Dark Colours Separately 


    Every day we make around 35,000 decisions (this is legitimate according to science), and you must have noticed that as the day goes by, our capability and willpower of making these decisions become poor.

    How much time have you spent trying to decide what to wear or what to watch by the end of the day?

    Many smart people have now started to streamline the daily repetitive decisions by making a diet schedule or by limiting their wardrobe to what usually suits their style, comfort and personality in order to reduce the decision fatigue as much as possible.

    On the other side, there’s a literal bombardment of “fast-fashion” trends that come and go each month, pushing us to get on with the hype of a quickly changing concept of “new collection.”

    When we subconsciously make the decision to keep filling our wardrobes with more and more clothes, the daily decision making of what to wear becomes even more difficult & time consuming.

    Yes, dressing up sometimes is fun, but being confused about what to wear all the time is not!

    When I faced this situation in my life, I realized that most successful people around the world look great while keeping themselves up to date with their own style. I realized I may never win the race of always chasing what the trend is but rather I need to build a style for myself that can be worn every day.

    I created a tiny section in my wardrobe of daily wear, and as the Lucknowi Kurta Pyjama has been the most comfortable piece of clothing for me, that’s where it all started.

    I wanted a set of apparel & accessories which were basic, but not boring.
    Something that would work in my perfect & not-so-perfect moments.
    Something I could put on while making art, or while I was doing my day job.
    Basically, Clothes for Real Life.

    Hence, Wear Manto was born.


    Our focus is to create products that don’t only look good on the surface, but have a practical and comfortable experience while they’re being worn.

    We will definitely keep infusing creative art into our collections, as “art” is the soul of Wear Manto, but we will never push you to keep shopping new trends every other month.

    Art is supposed to last forever, not for just a couple of days.

    Our Basic Collections Will Always Be Available, While Some Accessories & Limited Collections To Add Life To Our Basics May Come And Go.

    Just get the things that inspire and excite you.
    (consume less, confuse less)

    -Salman Parekh

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