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Urdu based
Art Wearables

Language plays a vital role in our identity; it integrates communities.
Manto shawls, scarves & stoles are an ode to some of the most renowned Urdu poets and artists in history, whose work still makes our mind ponder to date.


You Are What You Wear

It is not everyday that you step out of your comfort zone, but in order to do so; risks, and learning from the discomfort certain things bring you, is what makes you feel human. What you wear is a symbol of being comfortable, in style, and always on the league to wake up, hustle, and become a better version of who you are for your future self. 


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Premium urdu wearables are ode to some of the most renowned poets; designed to keep you warm and stylish this winter season - and beyond. 

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Premium fleece winter wear, and embroidered embellishment; designed to keep you warm and in style in the winter season - and beyond! 

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