Indigo Sitaray Odhni

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Some days, you may feel like giving up, but those are the days when you should open your mind to new possibilities. Instead of settling for what's happening now, remember that there are countless opportunities for discovering and improving yourself beyond what you already know and have experienced.

Sitaray Odhni features motivational poetry by Allama Iqbal which encourages us to embrace our inner Falcon and soar towards the many open skies that lie ahead. It reminds us to hold onto hope and keep searching and discovering, even when faced with loss and grief.

Ps. All Odhnis Come With a Letter-Writing Kit for You to Pen Down a Letter for Your Loved One. Because Nothing Says Love Like Handwritten Words.

Material: Cotton Silk
Dimensions: 40 Inches x 100 Inches

An Ode To Allama Iqbal

ستاروں سے آگے جہاں اور بھی ہيں
Beyond the stars, there lie more worlds to find,

ابھی عشق کے امتحاں اور بھی ہيں
Where love still faces tests of heart and mind.

تہی ، زندگی سے نہيں يہ فضائيں
Life thrives around us, not just in this space,

يہاں سينکڑوں کارواں اور بھی ہيں
A thousand caravans still travel with grace.

قناعت نہ کر عالم رنگ و بو پر
Don't settle for the hues of the present days,

چمن اور بھی آشياں اور بھی ہيں
More homes and gardens wait in veiled ways.

اگر کھو گيا اک نشيمن تو کيا غم
Why mourn a loss when tears have many grounds?

مقامات آہ و فغاں اور بھی ہيں
In countless places, sorrows too are found.

تو شاہيں ہے ، پرواز ہے کام تيرا
You're a falcon, meant to soar and fly,

ترے سامنے آسماں اور بھی ہيں
A vast horizon beckons you up high.

اسی روز و شب ميں الجھ کر نہ رہ جا
Don't be confined by dark and light's embrace,

کہ تيرے زمان و مکاں اور بھی ہيں
More lands and spaces are yet to be embraced.

گئے دن کہ تنہا تھا ميں انجمن ميں
No longer am I lonely in this sphere,

يہاں اب مرے رازداں اور بھی ہيں
More trusted ones to share my secrets dear.

  • Dry Clean Only 
  • Hand Wash Cold
  • Line Dry in Shade
  • Do Not Wring Dry
  • Iron on Medium Heat
  • Wash/Dry Light & Dark Colors Separately 

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