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Discover the Art of Handwritten Letters!

Have you ever thought about writing letters, or have you been on the receiving end of a handwritten message inked with heartfelt and endearing words? It is an invaluable gift that can be read over and over again, which will always stay in the hearts, of so many.  

Don’t know where to start?

Even if you don't realize it, your words have a great impact. With every stroke and inked lettering, you have the chance to make someone feel special through heartfelt messages, rekindled memories, and encouragement. There's a piece of you that remains, even when distances apart.

Create art from the heart !

The letter doesn't have to be perfect; it can simply be a memory of a perfect moment shared between you and your loved one. Messy handwriting, and spilled ink, make the letter more open to the feeling. Stop, pause for a moment and think to yourself if you had the choice to say something to your favorite human being, whether it's for a friend or a romantic partner, what do you think it would be?

  • Choose the right pen: You might not realize this, but a good quality pen that works smoothly, and carves out the letters perfectly is always a great idea. Personal reccomendations, a nice soft ink pen always does the magic!
  • Be open: Embrace the way you feel for them, and be authentic. Because, each word or letter impacts a certain feeling, even if you don't believe it.
  • Personal touches: The best letter is one, which is personalized and written with an open heart. You can include a small gift, decorations, a drawing, or anything that reminds you of them.

NOTE: If you are the lucky one on the receiving end, take this as a chance to write a letter of gratitude in return!

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