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Shajar Stole, crafted from Double-Sided Pashmina (100% Polyester), pays homage to fathers worldwide. It symbolizes the profound love of every daughter's first hero and son's first mentor, celebrating their sacrifices, protection, and unwavering dedication. Available in two colors.


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Through the Lens of Fatherhood! ✨ 

For all the fathers you hold dear – be it your own father, husband, or brother – who embraced the challenges without preparation, yet wholeheartedly devoted themselves. They stood tall, shouldering the weight of the world, shielding you from its burdens. Their actions, although uncertain, spoke volumes of their love, sacrificing their own comfort for your safety and happiness.

They don't need another generic Father's Day gift; instead, offer them something truly meaningful. A warm, overdue hug they've always secretly yearned for, a captured moment of love in a cherished photograph, or a heartfelt note that will find a permanent place in their wallet. Let them know they are forever loved and appreciated.

The Shajar Stole pays homage to these extraordinary fathers and father figures, serving as a reminder that their legacy lives on through you. When you miss them dearly, remember to look within yourself, for their essence resides in your very being.

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