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What Manto Stands For! 

Manto is a Pakistani born fashion label appealing to those looking for a touch of the traditional, delivered on contemporary terms. Bold, eye-catching and with an unapologetically rebellious streak, our products are designed in Karachi and 100% made in Pakistan.

Our brand started off with the idea that best products are made with passion and investing many hours of tough labor and attention. The team works directly with some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world to make modern design and beautiful products.

We use materials, colours and textures that challenge expectations of what a heritage Pakistani dress can and should be. 

Striking a balance between progressive fashion and familiar Eastern charm, we never falter on exceptional comfort to accommodate a modern lifestyle.

Our focus is to create products that don’t only look good on the surface, but have a practical and comfortable experience while they’re being worn.

We will definitely keep infusing creative art into our collections, as “art” is the soul of Wear Manto, but we will never push you to keep shopping new trends every other month.

Art is supposed to last forever, not for just a couple of days.

Case Studies

  • HBL PSL: A Celebration of Cricket and Artistry!
  • Lipton - Women's Day Made Special.

HBL PSL: A Celebration of Cricket and Artistry!

When HBL reached out to us for a collaboration, we couldn’t say no. From making customized scarves, curated by the design team at Manto, for HBLPSL happening in 2023; we were more than ready and enthusiastic to be taking up this challenge which would eventually go down in history. The HBLPSL scarf pays a homage to the cricket heroes participating in the Pakistan Super League, and its ultimate passion holders.

The crinkle silk stole for HBLPSL was crafted keeping in mind a cricket field, with all the cities in calligraphic style participating. Along with this the stole is designed in a subtle but a few prominent elements that signify cricket such as Shaheen, and the sporting cricket gear widespread across including but not limited to a helmet, cricket bat, cricket ball. To savor the Manto uniqueness, we can’t forget the motivational verses from poets such as Allama Iqbal, Maahshar Badayuni, Mirza Azeem Baig, Syed Sadiq Hussain, Ada Jafri, and Ahmed Faraz.

 A prominent verse we all can relate to, and rings well even years after, and our men on the field,

                       تُو شاہین ہے پرواز ہے کام تیرا
                      تیرے سامنے آسمان اور بھی ہیں

To make it more evocative for the recipients of the HBLPSL box, the box included two bookmarks; one which was made by HBL themselves, and one which was curated by the Marketing and Design team collectively. To keep the spirit of cricket intact, there was a riddled copy with a QR Code which would eventually land you to the story of leading cricketers of Pakistan; Haris Rauf & Shahnawaz Dhani. The collaboration launch which was perfected, and made to make history brought in lead generations, and an extended customer audience who love cricket from the bottom of the heart. 

Lipton - Women's Day Made Special.

Our Collaboration with Lipton came at one of the most interesting and celebrated times of the year, Women's Day! It all started from a normal boardroom meeting with the creative heads of Manto & Lipton. The thing that was special about this first meeting was the unique ideas we had for this day! As the conversation began to flow, it quickly became clear that the creative energy in the room was visible. The ideas that were thrown around were truly innovative and inspiring, with each person bringing their own unique perspective and creativity to the table. Everyone was buzzing with excitement as they shared their ideas for Women's Day, and it was immediately evident that this collaboration was going to be something truly special.

One of the biggest obstacles was the tight time constraint that we were working under, with only a week to complete the project. With this in mind, we decided to focus on two of our most popular and beloved designs - Jahaan and Uns. These designs were already resonating with the community, and we felt that this could build on the momentum to create something truly remarkable for Women's Day. The Jahaan and Uns designs took on a new life, shining a light on the incredible contributions that women make to our world every day.

Jahaan Stole is an ode to Allama Iqbal, and Uns Stole is an ode to Jaun Elia, which both speak about the depths of emotions we feel as humans, as well as venturing into the realm of encouragement and hope.

The project was agreed on roughly 1300 pieces for both the Stoles. Our production team at Manto worked tirelessly to deliver this number and we are proud to say that this collaboration was nothing short of a success!

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Terms & Conditions For A Corporate Collaboration With Manto;

  - The minimum number of stoles/scarves required for a custom design is over 3,000 pieces.

  - The minimum number to receive a corporate discount is over 250 pieces.

  - The minimum number to receive a custom packaging option is over 1,000 pieces

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