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I’d like to begin by saying - Thank You.
For taking out time to help me figure out what to do.

From our first day, we made a promise that Manto will always put YOUR comfort first. Whether it’s the clothes you purchase from us or the service we provide to you - we made a vow to ensure each step of your journey was better than the last. 

But now, I've been stuck in a dilemma and want to be honest & open with all of you.. 

Since I began Manto, our production costs have increased by almost 107%. Some due to the nature of market dynamics, as fabric yarns throughout the country has increased in price, but some also because we took steps to improve our product's quality.

In fact, now we even have a complete team of quality assurance that works to ensures that anything you receive is up to mark. And if not, we return, refund or exchange free of cost. 

And now we’ve been struggling to provide the same quality of service at the prices we started with.... 

So we are faced with a choice.

Increase Our Prices Or Reduce Our Quality. 

 And the last thing we want to sacrifice is the comfort of our Manto Family.

Because You Will Always Come First. 


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