Gift Guide

5 Tips for gifting by Manto

Disclaimer (these tips aren’t written by Saadat Hasan Manto)

Gifts are much more than just physical items, they are a way of communicating and sending a message to people we adore and value. When you give it some thought and choose a special present, it becomes the reason for the happiness of the recipient. 

A poorly picked gift, on the other hand, can communicate a message that is downright insulting. (Hopefully, you've never received a gym membership you didn't want)

But fret not, this gift guide will help you in getting the best gift for people that are close to you and you'll be ready to claim the prize for "best gift given" at your next special occasion.

1) Size free gifts

Sometimes it can be hassle and challenge to get a wearable gift because you don't want to ruin the surprise by asking the person about it orrr worst what if it doesn't fit them well. Won't that be scary and disappointing. Hence, to resolve this problem you can always get a size free wearable.

Check out these odhnis and scarves that are as unique are person you want to gift.

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2) Quality Matters

Get a gift that is high quality and feels and looks great because you want it to be something that will last and looks and feels luxury. It has two key benefits. One is that wherever the wearer will go they will feel great and get compliments for a product that looks the part that's great for them right? YES but secondly that'll remind them of you too.

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3) Think Different

Remember that just because you're under pressure to put something special in a gift box doesn't mean you have to think inside that box! Get a gift that is unique and not just something that everyone has in their wardrobes.  

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4) Make it special and personal

Make sure it's wrapped properly and the box should radiate the time and effort you put in preparing the gift. But most people forget that what makes a gift different from just purchase something for someone is the written message tagged in the wrapped gift.Write your message on the best paper you can provide with tidy handwriting. 

We already have solved this for you. We send “Alfaaz-e-Qadardani” (Words of gratitude) with every package. you can send that perfectly crafted letter with the gift.

Laila Majnu

5) Gift by Personality

Make an effort to listen to your family and friends throughout the year in order to truly understand them and to get a sense of what they like, care about, and desire. People around us are usually open about these topics, and it's in those moments that you can usually find the perfect gift idea!

For Minimalists

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Dont Settle for less

On the ending note last and most important tip is When it comes to gifts they express how much you care, there are infinite possibilities. So, when it comes to gifting, don't settle for anything less than putting up your best effort because it will reflect in the end. Find the meaningful presents that your loved ones deserve!