Alfaaz Odhni - Shades of Fire

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 Imagine looking at random huroofs – each one a tiny stroke that seems meaningless on its own. But string them together, and suddenly, they have the power to write a story that can leave a lasting impact.

Life is pretty similar. Each day, each choice you make might seem insignificant on its own. But when you connect the dots of your actions, they come together to shape the chapters of your lives.

Alfaaz Odhni is a reminder that each tiny act of yours can create a story that could change not just the path you walk on but also the lives of others around you.

Ps. All Odhnis Come With a Letter-Writing Kit for You to Pen Down a Letter for Your Loved One. Because Nothing Says Love Like Handwritten Words.

Material: Cotton Silk (100% Polyester)
Dimensions:  Length: 103-104 Inches |  Width: 38-39 Inches

Text Mentioned on the Odhni:

(Hosla) - Courage 
شعور (Shaoor) - Consciousness
آغاز (Aghaz) - Beginning
منزل (Manzil) - Destination
جنون (Junoon) - Passion
سکوں (Sukoon) - Peace
امید (Umeed) - Hope
جستجو (Jasojoo) - Search
جذبہ (Jazbah) - Zeal

ق، آ ، ن، ت، ب، م، ٹ، ع، ش، ص، خ، س، ی، گ، ک، ج، ل، ط، ف

  • Dry Clean Only 
  • Hand Wash Cold
  • Line Dry in Shade
  • Do Not Wring Dry
  • Iron on Medium Heat
  • Wash/Dry Light & Dark Colors Separately 

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