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Meet The Team - Abdul Rehman

Meet The Team - Abdul Rehman

Dedicated, Dependable, & An All-Rounder - Meet Rehman Bhai the person who has been there with Manto since the beginning.

He's the backbone of every department and the lifeline of every employee. Rehman Bhai is our rock. The office simply can't function without him!
Back when Rehman Bhai’s father came back from Dubai using all his savings, their financial situation wasn’t all that good. And after completing his Matriculations, Rehman Bhai was unable to continue his studies. Instead, he got his first job at an advertising company.

Although Rehman Bhai had always wanted to do a proper office job, however, the first job that he landed, he was asked to work as an office boy and make chai. But being the hard-working person that he is, he accepted that role, promising himself that he'd keep learning and keep growing. Curious as ever, Rehman Bhai wanted to learn computer skills alongside his work. Fortunately, he found someone who taught him Excel, Word, and Photoshop in only 3 months!

Then, destiny brought him together with Salman, and that's when things took a turn for the better. He would assist Salman while he did everything. Soon enough, when Manto was born, Rehman Bhai was incharge of packing all the orders, doing quality checks, and then delivering the orders (sometimes he’d deliver them to you himself!)

And as Manto grew, so did our Manto Family & Team.

Today, not a day goes by without someone seeking Rehman Bhai’s assistance, he’s our go-to person. Without him, something or other pops up, and no matter how hard we try, it’s only Rehman Bhai who can fix those issues.
He's a funny, sarcastic soul with an infectious smile. Rehman Bhai has been there for Manto since the start, and as he says “Manto tou mere haathoun bara hua hai”. So yes, without Rehman Bhai, Manto doesn’t feel like Manto!

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