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Amna Raheel - The Girl With Wings - Manto

Amna Raheel - The Girl With Wings

"You will be happy” said life “but first I’ll make you strong”. 🥀

Growing up. When we are kids we are constantly planning of what we will do when we will grow up. Some of us want to become doctors. Some of us want to become pilots. Some of us want to become businesswomen/men. Some of us want to become scientists. Same way, I wanted to become an astronaut or ballerina. I guess I’ve never really told anyone this before because it’s a wish that I had buried deep in my heart from an early age since I knew it couldn’t come true. The older I grew, the more confused I became as to what I wanted my goal to be in life. I was lost, purposeless and was just moving on with life.

Then one day, I decided to work on being happy. I realised that growing up is having the courage to accept who you really are. Once you accept you who are you, figuring out who you really want to be makes an easier journey. The answers to your questions lie within you. We just don’t look deep enough. The moment I chose to let go of the despair and turn my cants into cans I became a happier and more positive person.

Today, I can easily say I've defied odds by completing my education. Currently, I’m working in one of most reputable companies as an E-commerce Marketer and I’m also running my little venture by the name of Meraki - Because You Matter (meraki.beyoumat). Honestly, it’s more than what anyone expected out of me and it's more than what I expected out of myself at one point in time. Big things come in small packages. And while I may seem tiny and fragile, there is more to me than meets the eye. In fact, there is more to everybody than meets the eye.

I must admit, it definitely hasn’t been easy. Worried looks, pitiful glances, blatant stares and curious expressions. I have pretty much experienced it all.It wasn’t just the physical aspects of the disease that wore me down but also the emotional baggage that came with it.

But now, when I look back and ponder over my life I realise that I’ve come a long way. I believe that nothing is impossible- you just need to figure out a way to do it. My wheelchair may have caged my body but my mind is still free. I still think strongly, feel deeply and live fearlessly. Whether it’s screaming my lungs out at a concert with friends, bicycling on the streets, swimming with the dolphins or riding on an elephant. I’ve done it all and there are plenty of other items on my bucket list that still need to be ticked off. What you need to understand is that no one can limit you or tell you what you can’t do.

So this is for everyone who is struggling right now. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Growing up takes time. Don’t focus on what you want to be but instead focus on who you are meant to be. Explore yourself. Trust me, you have a lot of hidden talents under your outer exterior. Focus on being happy. Life will break many of your dreams but don’t stop dreaming.

The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover that part of strength within you that survives all the hurt ✨💫

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