Markhor Overshirt - Blue

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As the Markhor stands tall and proud, even in the harshest of environments, Pakistan's national animal represents the spirit of the people of our nation. Those who despite all hardships and difficulties, never give up. Instead, they always find a way to rise above their challenges and keep moving forward.

Markhor Overshirt, featuring a unisex design, with motivational poetry by Allama Iqbal, calligraphed throughout the entire shirt.
The back of this Khaddar shirt features a motif representing different national elements of Pakistan, along with a printed lawn lining inside, which reminds us of how rich our cultural heritage is.

A versatile piece that can be worn both as a shirt and an overshirt.

باطل سے دبنے والے اے آسماں نہیں ہم
سو بار کر چکا ہے تو امتحاں ہمارا
Oh heavens, we're not to be tamed by lies,

Our mettle's been tested, and our spirit never dies.  

ترے عشق کی انتہا چاہتا ہوں
  مری سادگی دیکھ کیا چاہتا ہوں
Completion of your love is what I desire,
Look at my simplicity, how little I desire.  

تو شاہیں ہے پرواز ہے کام تیرا
 ترے سامنے آسماں اور بھی ہیں
O soaring eagle, a flight is your true call,
Countless skies before you, to conquer them all.

نہیں تیرا نشیمن قصر سلطانی کے گنبد پر
 تو شاہیں ہے بسیرا کر پہاڑوں کی چٹانوں میں
Your dwelling isn't upon a palace dome,
O eagle, on mountain rocks, you belong to roam. 

دل سے جو بات نکلتی ہے اثر رکھتی ہے
 پر نہیں طاقت پرواز مگر رکھتی ہے
What the heart speaks, it leaves a lasting mark,
Unable to take flight, yet leaves an imprint in the dark. 

 عقابی روح جب بیدار ہوتی ہے جوانوں میں
 نظر آتی ہے ان کو اپنی منزل آسمانوں میں
In young hearts, when the eagle's spirit takes flight,
Beyond the stars, it sees its radiant light. 

100% Pure Premium Khaddar 
Jacket Material: Khaddar
Lining Material: Lawn 

  • Long Collared Coat
  • Side Pockets On Each Side
  • Full Sleeves
  • Finished With Printed Lining On The Inside 

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