Pehchaan Scarf

Rs.2,150.00 PKR

We as humans are a mixture of different elements that goes beyond what the eyes can see.   Each of us is a cluster of different cultures, experiences, traits and ethnicities. And that’s what makes Pakistan a landmark for diversity where each of us unite together in times of need. We are powerful, resilient and unique when we are together, and that’s our Pehchaan. 

An Ode to Allama Iqbal

Material: Crinkle Silk (100% Polyester)
Width: 26 inches 
Length: 68-70 inches
کھول آنکھ ، زميں ديکھ ، فلک ديکھ ، فضا ديکھ، مشرق سے ابھرتے ہوئے سورج کو ذرا دیکھ۔ علامہ اقبال

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