Arctic Blue - Aaina Jacket

Rs.4,200.00 PKR

Aaina Jacket by Manto

Today when you stand in front of a mirror and glance into it- what do you see? The person in front of you only captures an image of yourself for a millisecond but you are so much more.

You are the essence of countless experiences that have shaped you into who you have become today - from the tears to the laughter, days of loneliness and moments where your heart felt full. And the unimaginable twists and turns life has yet to bring your way.

Aaina is an ode to you and the immeasurable beauty you possess that remains hidden within you.

An Ode to Jaun Elia

کس لئے دیکھتی ہو آئینہ

تم تو خود سے بھی خوبصورت ہو

داستاں ختم ہونے والی ہے

تم مری آخری محبت ہو

  • Mid Length jacket
  • Shawl collar
  • Front open silhouette
  • Full length Bell sleeves
  • Fascinating motif on sleeves
  • Intricate Poetry written on the sleeves of the jacket

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