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Saving The Environment - One Manto Box At A Time!

Manto is for creative, thinkers and problem solver, we are also aware how important recycling is these days. With that in mind, we want you to get creative with us and find out amazing uses of Manto boxes you probably never thought of.

Bookmarks & Book Dividers

Are you a voracious reader with strong appetite for books? Perhaps you read loads of books in a month and want to set a marker on your favorite parts. With a little effort and few cuts here and there, convert your Manto box into a range of bookmarks for your favourite books and novels.

Since we have started talking books and recycling, you may also get innovative and craft your own book dividers with a Manto Box. Organizing your favorite set of books with your own hand crafted book dividers gives you the ideal bragging rights. After all, great books need great care.

Pin board

Do you like staying organize or setting reminders for yourself? Then the ideal way of doing it is by using a pin board. You can make your own pin boards by re using Manto boxes as it has the ideal size. Just get yourself some bulletin pins and pair of scissors!

 A kitten’s bed

Perhaps the simplest and easiest use of a Manto Box, your cat or kitten may have already made a home in one of these cardboard boxes without you even knowing.

There is no need for cuts here and there, just place the box somewhere, turn your back and that’s it! Your cat has a new bed to sleep in. It will probably ditch the expensive bed you got it, so just cushion your cat with its favourite blanket in the box.

Storage Box

Use a box as a box!

Did you know re using cardboard boxes is much cheaper than buying new ones. You can re-use Manto’s boxes for storing your valuable items like nail polishes, make up boxes and stationery, or you can just save them for later when a need arises.

Art Therapy

Art is therapeutic, and this one goes out to art lovers. This could be an ideal way for the Manto family to put their creativity and artistry to test! There are numerous ways of re-using a cardboard box, but the end results of artistry could be wonderful and uniquely yours.

The worked up boxes can be an installation to one of your arts collections or they can be hung up on walls. Perhaps you may want to craft an art canvas and paint your own masterpiece.

Just don’t forget to share your work of art with us!

Paint Palette

We all have days we feel artsy but don't want to spend on art supplies like a palette! So why not convert your Manto box into your art supplies?

So just give it a try before the temptation for arts fades away.



The manner of gifting is more important than the gift. We put an effort into our packaging so that you’d be excited to unpack your Manto. Same concept applies while gifting to someone, our Manto boxes are extremely durable and can be re-used while sending out gifts and packages.

Just get some ribbons, confetti, decorative items and give your own creative touch to the box. You can get innovative with our boxes and craft your own personalized package. Putting in the time and effort into crafting your own custom gift box just shows how much the other person means to you.


Bird Feed

A bird feeder is a gift that keeps on giving. If you are just like our Manto family, then you must love having birds come around in your gardens or balconies.

You may use and place a Manto box as it is for a bird’s feed or you may get innovative and craft a homemade bird feeder with it. Just place some bird seeds inside the feeder and hopefully you’ll have some birds hanging around at your place and connect you more to nature.

Charity Box

Here’s an act of kindness you can do with Manto by crafting a charity box. Just place the box vertically and make a hole on top.

Cardboard Gardening

Think inside the box and give back to the environment! Yes, cardboard gardening is a thing; with a Manto box you can save money and recycle with cardboard gardening, since it is a cheap, easy and simple way for gardening. Good thing about cardboard is that they can withstand a certain amount of water, so just poke some drainage holes, add soil and seeds; and you are good to go.

Just remember, a Manto box is not very deep, so choose the seeds that don’t need a lot of growing space; preferred options could be sunflower, coriander, lettuce and herbs.

If you are a creative person, then there are many practical ways you may re-use these boxes. If you can think of more creative or environmentally friendly ideas, then don’t forget to share them with us. Let’s take care of the environment together!



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