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Manto Makes It To Serbias' Royalty!

Manto Makes It To Serbias' Royalty!

It's such an honour to see an absolute superwomen Princess Ljubica wearing one of our Manto Solids!

After completing her Masters in Pharmacy (and receiving a Coca-Cola Talenti scholarship!), she’s currently a successful and brilliant entrepreneur. Princess Ljubica has founded her own content writing service; Lubily and co-founded the Oplenac Children’s Festival for charity.

And it doesn’t stop there - Princess Ljubica strongly supports female entrepreneurship and sees great potential in digitalisation while also being one of the finest horse riders and a brilliant mother through it all. 

Manto began as a brand for individuals who strive to get up every morning and look forward to create, to contribute, to cultivate. Can't imagine anyone better than Lijubica who chose to wear Manto to keep her comfy during her busy schedule.

‘Be open to experiences, take advantage of every opportunity for new knowledge and practice even when it's not something you really like.’

P.S: How stunning does Her Royal Highness look in Mustard Mira?!

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