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Khulda Amir - A Minority Girl in a Majority World

Khulda Amir - A Minority Girl in a Majority World

In a world where the open proclamation of your beliefs can most of the time get you into grave problems, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the best of people. For me, my friends are my greatest support system who never saw me as a Christian or any sort of judgmental things that the world can hold but I only remember my face blushing (I don’t know if tan people can blush) with their compliments such as you are so attractive, you are so smart, you are an intellectual type and what not.

I remember taking my friends on the tour of many churches in Islamabad for which they were always super excited when all of us will take a short leave and completely destroy the office protocols to quench our thirst to explore new buildings.

My journey of confidence started from my home. I don’t remember my father ever seeing me anything less of the prettiest face and the smartest mind. Both of my parents are overjoyed with even the smallest of my achievements. I have been professionally practicing for the last five years in the Development sector as an architect. Being an architect can be very tough but it’s very satisfying too, to see oneself making living by putting a soul in cement and brick.

The smallest design consideration can make the largest difference, a thought that always keep me going to do more and more.

I have started my own design practice @an_architecture_studio_ a venture, not just to explore my full potential but to empower many others women to choose and succeed in any profession they inspire to be.

When you live life as a minority, you are expected to brush off bad experiences and be thankful for it could have been worse. But I believe there should be no limit to human endeavours as everyone has a birthright to seek the best for themselves and not settle for anything less than the best.

We're completely in awe of Khulda's story as she shares powerful bits of her life while wearing our Tarz Scarf and Violet Aura !
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