Manto's Story

For me Shalwar Kameez was always a dress kept exclusively for Fridays or special holidays. Back when I was in college in the UK, on a random day, I decided to wear a Kurta Shalwar instead of my western clothes. I was completely shocked by the amount of my international friends asking me what I’m wearing. I instantly replied ‘It is my national dress’. It was that moment when it hit me how just wearing my Friday clothes I was eventually representing a whole culture. If they saw anyone else wear it again – they’d recall it with the kind of a person I was & this made me act more responsibly. I had never imagined that a dress could have such an impact.

Every time I wore them; it felt cooler than before and eventually it became my identity. I'd then wear it wherever I'd go or whatever I'd do. I wore it to my presentations in England; I wore them when I was creating content; I even wore them when I was speaking to a large audience – even though
 I was the only one wearing it, I always fit in. I eventually realized my Kurta Shalwar made me standout in the crowd. It took a while but everyone started loving my unusual dress - I loved how it connected me to my cultural heritage

As I slowly transitioned to making these Shalwar Kurtas my daily wear. I also realised how helpful it has been in my morning decision making. I always knew
what I’m going to put on; as it was an appropriate dress for any occasion. With one unnecessary decision out of the way, I saw myself spending my mental space in more useful areas like creativity, critical thinking & problem solving.


Eventually, people started asking me where they could get them from - Since I used to get them custom made for me, it motivated me to start Manto. I spent 2 years trying to understand how I can bring a product that is minimalist and simple in design yet looks good and feels comfortable. I wanted to create something I could vouch for, so I made sure I put special focus on finesse of the product – From the thread, to the fabric, to the final cut. After going back and forth with hundreds of fabrics from the market and tens of tailors, I partnered with one of Pakistan’s leading textile manufacturer to create the BREEZE fabric with our proprietary blended material that is at the heart of Manto today. I also managed to find a specialized family of artisans who have tailoring custom Shalwar Kameez for the past 40 years.

Today, I am proud to not only create a brand that competes daily with the top high street fashion brands globally but that is also 100% Made in Pakistan. Every piece sold helps us create jobs in Pakistan, while putting Pakistan in the global fashion landscape.

Thank you for supporting Manto and being a part of our journey of creating the most comfortable eastern daily wear brand in Pakistan!

Salman Parekh



Given you are using Manto’s name , are you paying any royalty to his family ? You must be aware of the fact that not paying copyright and royalty is illegal and unethical. Having studied and lived in UK I hope you are and not exploiting Manto’s name and dishonouring him in death just as he was in his life.

Nabeel November 06, 2022

Ap ne naam manto hi kion rakha?

Tehreem August 19, 2022

Manto. This is not only a name, not only a brand but has a whole story, a whole world in itself.

Sadaf Khurshid July 31, 2022

All the best!

Ali M July 15, 2022

Hi i am a big fan of your brand and i wanted to interview for something if you can spare me.sometime leave a msg on my mailing address.

Mouiza zafar June 13, 2022

Absolutely gorgeous fabric am so glad I chose this website… glad to say am placing another order. Beautiful items sad most are out of stock. Still I will wait when you have replenish your clothes. Keep up the good work.
Kind Regards

Mona Bostan May 31, 2022

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