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Jugnu Kurta - Imperial Blue

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A Long Length Straight Shirt Kurta with Bell Sleeves, made from Summer Jacquard Material. Illustrating the inspiring Poetry of Allama Iqbal.

Material: Summer Jacquard (100% Polyester)

About The Fit:

  • Long Length Straight Kurta
  • V-Shaped Neck
  • Straight Loose Fit Full Sleeves
  • Printed Border On The Sleeves and Bottom Hem
  • Available In 3 Colours
  • The Model is Wearing a size Small.

 You are kind, You are thoughtful, You are the Jugnu.


This world is so self-centered that your kindness feels like a breath of fresh air. You’re the person who brings a bit of sunshine when everything seems cloudy and dark. 

Jugnu Kurta is a Thank You for being a source of positivity in a sometimes dim world. And for making someone's day a little better. Because in the end, it's the simple acts of kindness that make the world a brighter place for all of us.

 An Ode to Allama Iqbal

ٹہنی پہ کسی شجر کی تنہا 
بلبل تھا کوئی اداس بیٹھا 
On a branch, a tree all alone,
A sad bird, just sitting on its own.

کہتا تھا کہ رات سر پہ آئی 
اڑنے چگنے میں دن گزارا 
Talking 'bout the night, quiet and still,
Flying and singing, time to fulfill.

پہنچوں کس طرح آشیاں تک 
ہر چیز پہ چھا گیا اندھیرا 
How do I get to the cozy nest?
Darkness everywhere, a tough quest.

سن کر بلبل کی آہ و زاری 
جگنو کوئی پاس ہی سے بولا 
حاضر ہوں مدد کو جان و دل سے 
کیڑا ہوں اگرچہ میں ذرا سا 
Nightingale's sadness, a firefly replied,
"I'm small but ready to be your guide."

کیا غم ہے جو رات ہے اندھیری 
میں راہ میں روشنی کروں گا 
"What's the sorrow in the night so deep?
I'll light up the path, no need to weep."

ہیں لوگ وہی جہاں میں اچھے 
آتے ہیں جو کام دوسروں کے 

"What's the sorrow in the night so deep?
I'll light up the path, no need to weep."


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