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Meet The Team - Uroosa Wadood

Meet The Team - Uroosa Wadood

Communication Champ, Problem Solver & K-Pop fan💜 - Meet Uroosa, the person behind the screen who most of you may already know.

Uroosa comes in everyday with the mindset of helping customers through every problem, recording the sweetest voice notes and constantly coordinating with multiple logistics partners. However, things haven’t always been smooth sailing for her.

One of Uroosa’s biggest challenges has been her battle with depression, anxiety and insomnia over the past few years. Initially working in a toxic environment, she took the brave step of resigning without having any future opportunity lined up for her despite her financial contributions to her family. But her goal was simple, to start putting herself and her mental health first.

And just like magic, when her notice period was almost over - Uroosa received a call from Manto and within a week she had a job to jump into! Sometimes, change can be scary and putting your mental peace first can feel daunting but life has a funny way of working itself out and you may wake up one day to find exactly what you needed right at your doorstep.

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