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Meet The Team - Syeda Qanita Shams

Meet The Team - Syeda Qanita Shams

Conversation Champion, Office Drama Queen & Scientist 📚 - Meet Qanita, the woman behind the smile on your faces and ours!

Growing up, many of us heard you can either be the kind of person who’s into science, art or business. Loving (as well as being amazing at) all three never really seemed like an option, until you meet Qanita! She’s currently studying bioscience, spends her free time acting in short films and of course, helping you guys with your queries (we’re convinced her day contains more than 24 hours!)

If you ever meet Qanita in person, you’d notice she radiates a certain energy - filled with positivity, confidence and fun. But she wasn’t always like this. As a child, she often heard taunts about her complexion and her weight, not just from kids at school but also her own family. She never really felt like she fit in and even though she was always so energetic, it was difficult to figure out where to channel it.

Until one day, Qanita took the bravest step any of us can make. Accepting herself. She became more thick skinned and began to embrace all the different parts of herself, the good and the bad, instead of fighting it. She channeled her energy into trying to do EVERYTHING she loved - whether it was getting to know people, experimenting in the lab or putting herself up on a stage and acting.

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  • ifrah

    big fan of qanita shams!!

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