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Meet The Team - Maniha Panjwani

Meet The Team - Maniha Panjwani

E-commerce Associate, Silent Ninja, and Spice Queen - Meet Maniha Panjwani the boss lady behind Haniya Accessories! 💁🏻‍♀️

From speaking with customers, to placing and dispatching your orders, everything at Haniya Accessories (Manto’s sister brand) was done by Maniha herself. You could say Haniya Accessories was her baby! However, handling all these responsibilities wasn’t easy for her, in fact Maniha faced a lot of issues along this journey.

It was her love for marketing and advertising that Maniha decided to pursue media sciences, despite her father not being on board. For the longest time, she stuck to her decision, until 4 years ago when she lost her father. Maniha lost all the will, but during this grieving period her mother and friends encouraged her to continue.

While it wasn’t easy for her, Maniha has grown through it all. From being someone who would hardly talk to leading as an E-commerce Associate, Maniha would handle Haniya Accessories by herself (YES all those beautiful orders you’d receive, she’s the one who got them together!); making sure everything was perfect.

And so when Haniya Accessories was coming to a gradual end, it was very difficult for Maniha. But she knew her time with the brand was well spent. This journey not only taught her a lot but it also empowered her! And now being the boss lady she is, she can tackle anything that comes her way!

Maniha’s about to start a new and beautiful phase of her life. And we all will miss her sarcastic humor, her endearing smile, and her love for spice (trust us she loves her spice, while the rest of us would be dying she’d be casually enjoying her biryani!) 🌶

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